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"Montreal Girls is as much a sonic poem as it is narrative storytelling."

8/10 SCORE

- Bradley Gibson, Film Threat

"A moving, grounded, and honest look at life"

"You need to check out Montréal Girls."

"A film that is simultaneously wonderfully stylish and visually mesmerizing."

"A gift of cinematic wonder."


"An intelligent movie".

"A great youthful ensemble of actors who will certainly be destined for bigger and better things. Expect equally the same from talented helmsperson Chica."

"A sonnet of a film."

"A film about love that will move many hearts and souls."

"A ballad for the dreamers out there."


“Montréal Girls” is a Crowning Achievement for Patricia Chica."

"a work of art."

5 Stars

- Ben Ragunton,


"Montreal Girls has a style of its own."

"The film is carefully crafted on all levels, lovely to watch as it takes you into its world."

4.5/5 SCORE


"Chica has forged a sure-footed foundation for what forecasts to be a formidable future."

-  John Smistad, The Quick Flick Critic


"A very impressive film."

"a strong ensemble cast."

"a really good watch."


"A Poetic Odyssey Of Personal Growth"

-  Tyler Laracca, The Hollywood Times

"Montreal Girls touches your heart and soul."

"Filled with sensuality, poetry and conflict."

"A poetic love letter to life."

"Visually striking and emotionally powerful."


"Highly Seductive Film!"

"It seduced me from the beginning and for that matter through the entire film."

-  Robert K StephenA Little Birdie Told Me

"A gifted ensemble cast"

"A brilliant coming-of-age story."

"Mesmerizing and emotionally powerful"

5/5 Stars


"moving, realistic, and honest"

"Montreal Girls tells a story that will connect with everyone."

"If you like romantic dramas with some comedy thrown in for good measure, then you must watch Montréal Girls."

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