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Creators' Statement

MONTRÉAL GIRLS was born from the collaboration between Kamal John Iskander and Patricia Chica, friends, filmmakers, and collaborators.  They had previously worked together on a horror comedy short that Iskander wrote and Chica directed/produced called A TRICKY TREAT. The film had enormous success on the festival circuit, having had its World Premiere at Fantasia in a packed theatre, and winning countless awards. The characters that populate their debut feature MONTRÉAL GIRLS are inspired by their own personal experiences, both being children of immigrant families. For example, Montréal’s nightlife and the female leading characters, Désirée and Yaz, are inspired by Chica's own journey navigating her hometown’s subcultures scene as a documentarian, photographer, and insider. The lead character of Ramy is based on Iskander's own Middle Eastern cultural background and upbringing.   The film is in three languages: English, Arabic, and French, because it was important that all the characters expressed themselves in their own authentic language, just like they would be in real life.

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Patricia Chica, Director, Writer

I strive to tell inspiring stories that explore universal themes to which audiences worldwide can connect and relate. Storytelling is a holistic process for me, it’s all connected to a higher vision and purpose but is also grounded by characters confronted with complex real-world dilemmas they must overcome to transcend their ordinary selves and become something greater.

MONTRÉAL GIRLS was made with the Chi Energy method, an intuitive creative process I have developed that connects storytelling with higher consciousness in order to expand one’s creativity and accelerate results. I explored this process with the Cast and Crew from prep to post.



Photo: © Bernard Brault, C.M.

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Kamal John Iskander, Writer

Montréal Girls is about having the courage to follow your passion, even if it leads to scary and unknown places both emotionally and environmentally. One must have the brave heart of a poet to venture into life's messy unknowns to find the most fulfilling path to self-actualization



Photo: © Kamal John Iskander

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