When the muses vanish, the poet emerges.

Montréal Girls

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A Middle-Eastern medical school student, new to Montreal, puts his relationship with his father at risk when he forfeits his education after being forever changed by two young women who help him see his destiny.

MONTRÉAL GIRLS follows a young man’s journey and his quest for love and enlightenment while discovering his true calling along the way. 

"Montréal Girls has a style all of its own!"

- Emilie Black, CINEMA CRAZED

"A Standout Drama."

- Sharan Street, METRO


A film by Patricia Chica

Written by Patricia Chica & Kamal John Iskander

Produced by Bahija Essoussi, Samuel Gagnon & Patricia Chica

Starring Hakim Brahimi, Jasmina Parent, Sana Asad, Jade Hassouné, Nahéma Ricci, Manuel Tadros, Guillaume Rodrigue, Thomas Vallières, Simon Therrien, Marina Harvey, Chadi Alhelou, Natalie Tannous, Bloodshot Bill and the special participation of Martin Dubreuil & Larry Day.

Executive Producer: Paul Cadieux

Consulting Producer: Byron A. Martin

Cinematography by Alexandre Bussière

Production Design by Frédéric Devost

Costume Design by Valérie Gagnon-Hamel

Sound: Pascal Van Strydonck

Makeup by Stephanie Miramontes

Hair by Philippe Atlan

Music by Suad Bushnaq (Score) & David Deïas (Original Punk Songs)

Editing by Patricia Chica



Patricia Chica's Montréal Girls to premiere at Cinequest.
'Montreal Girls' (exclusive)

Young Actor Hakim Brahimi Won The Lead Role Of “Montreal Girls”
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